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Ensuring a safe cruise, the Success Series is designed and developed exclusively for today’s smart kids and the future geniuses.

Unified Council provides free of cost, a book from the ‘Success Series’ to every student enrolling for the NSTSE/SLSTSE, for honing his/her problem-solving skills, in preparing for the exam, with a competitive spirit.

Success Series Books

  • Passport to Knowledge Republic - II & V

    • Contain topics like ‘Moral stories’, ‘Riddles testing general knowledge’, ‘Interesting facts’, ‘Interesting questions’, ‘Igniting puzzles’, ‘Mind games’, etc.
  • Success Plan Junior

    • Contains topics like ‘Advice on the right attitude’, ‘Guidance on how to concentrate better’, ‘Mnemonics’, ‘Teachings on how to think sequentially’, ‘Importance of orderly living’, ‘Pushing your I.Q.’, ‘Identifying Forms’, ‘Memory Trace’, ‘Test for an orderly mind’, ‘Use of your brain power’, ‘Significance of the write measure to your intelligence’, ‘Puzzles’ and ‘The tricks for learning a language quickly’.
  • Success Plan

    • Contains topics like ‘Effective learning’, ‘How to remember in a better way’, ‘Better revision technique’, ‘Mind mapping technique’, ‘Secrets for getting more marks in any exam’, ‘Puzzles’ and many more.
  • Success Plan Plus

    • Contains mainly topics like ‘How to read faster & more efficiently’, ‘Relaxation technique’, ‘Memory methods’, ‘Puzzles’, etc. in addition to some other topics helpful in honing skills.
  • Success Wizard

    • Contains topics such as, ‘Mnemonics’, ‘Stress management’, ‘25 hours a day’, ‘Your 12 point plan for personal success’, ‘The creative process’, ‘How to tell a winner from a loser’, ‘The lateral thinking puzzles’ and ‘Number and math play’. Also contains some essential guidance on development of skills.
  • Success Plan Senior

    • Contains topics such as, ‘Applying memory techniques’, ‘Pastimes and pleasures’, ‘Look beyond the first right answer’, ‘Possible pairs’, ‘Classroom listening and making notes’, ‘Logic puzzles’ and ’Generating the Koch curve’, in addition to ‘association with spellings’ and information on the development of ‘IQ’.
  • Success Blue Print

    • Contains topics such as, ‘Winning attitude and success’, ‘Self-esteem is our self-concept’, ‘10 traps of studying’, ‘Controlling your internal tapes’, ‘Analock’, ‘Digi clue’, ‘Obstacles are power generators’, ‘Brain teasers’ and ‘Goal setting’ in addition to ‘Brain Teasers’.
  • Success Unlimited

    • Contains topics such as, ‘Determination’, ‘Control of the Environment’, ‘Number locker I and ii’, ‘10 Steps in Learning to Learn’, ‘Ten Commandments for Managing Stress’, ‘Relaxation techniques’, etc.
    • The topics covered under the Success Series are interdependent such they that support other equally important topics. So when a student improves on one topic, he/she automatically shows improvement in other areas.
    • At school, a student is not necessarily taught the techniques that can help him/her improve the mind power. In order to supplement this learning, we started a research institute and developed the Success Series Books.
    • We at Unified Council have taken the onus of teaching students about how to improve and use their mind power to achieve success, on us. The Success Series is one of its kind and provides a great impetus to improve a student's mind power and study techniques.

    Math Success

    Every student who enrols for this exam will receive one book of the Math Success Series (priced at Rs. 50), with comprehensive information about UIMO, Math-insides, short-cut techniques to arm him/her with the ability to solve the toughest of problems; plus, puzzles, facts and fun, etc., absolutely FREE of cost.

    Maths Success Books



    • Math Insights

    • Introducing multi-answer questions

    • Brain Building

    • Reasoning and Logic

    • Mental Ability

    • Facts and Fun

    • Lateral Thinking Puzzles

    • Critical Thinking Questions